Belle Easy Bull Float c\w Swivel & handles

OUR PRICE £220.00 each (excluding VAT)
£ 264.00 (including 20.00% VAT)

Floats are used to smooth and improve the surface of the concrete. The Floats swivel head allows the blade to be pushed and pulled across the surface. Floats improve final surface durability, finish and quality by reducing surface ‘laitance’. Belle Bull Float comes with 3 extension handles provided, a 6m bay can be floated.

Belle Bull Float has a robust knuckle head allows the blade to be angled for ease of use and control on finish. Belle Bull Float is lightweight and easy to transport. The lightweight magnesium alloy blade, of the Belle Bull Float, with reinforcement to prevent warping. The rounded corners on float head to reduce ‘track marks’ when floating and a robust heavy duty design for tough site conditions





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