Laco CV/PH Honda Concrete Poker Drive Unit

CV/PH Honda Concrete Poker  Drive Unit  Power Drive Unit is designed for heavy site use.CV/PH Honda Concrete Poker Drive Unit provides effective air removal from concrete from a portable independent power source.

CV/PH Honda Concrete Poker Drive Unit has a robust and durable engine protection frame added durability.CV/PH Honda Concrete Poker  Drive Unit is fitted with speed limitation to prevent over revving of engine and poker 'burn-out' .CV/PH Honda Concrete Poker Drive Unit is compact, portable and easy to transport

  • Powered by a 5.5hp Honda GX 160 engine 
  • Universal coupling type
  • Weight 26Kg
  • Length 550mm
  • Height:400 mm
  • Width:490mm

Pokers available for the drive unit 

25mm c/w 6m Shaft
£175.00 + VAT

32mm c/w 6m Shaft
£168.75 + VAT
35mm c/w 6m Shaft
£162.50 + VAT
38mm c/w 6m Shaft
£175.00 + VAT
45mm c/w 6m Shaft
£187.50 + VAT
55mm c/w 6m Shaft
£193.75 + VAT
60mm c/w 6m Shaft
£237.50 + VAT
75mm c/w 6m Shaft
£287.50 + VAT





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