Tsurumi OMA3 32mm Industrial Drainage Auto Float Submersible Pump 110v

OUR PRICE £220.00 each (excluding VAT)
£ 264.00 (including 20.00% VAT)


The OM3 32mm Industrial Drainage Submersible Pump is a strong and efficient pumps in 304 stainless steel and engineering plastics.  OM3 32mm Industrial Drainage  Submersible Pump has an excellent flow and head are produced from a small 150-watt motor, which makes it ideal for many domestic and industrial jobs, particularly cellar, aquatic and processing duties.

Furthermore, Water Authorities users find the close, compact positioning of the optional integral tube float switch is particularly suited to applications where a sump is narrow or where a traditional pendant type float’s operation could be fouled.  Long term, trouble free operation is enhanced further with an integral vent valve to prevent air locking. 

  • Motor:0.15kw
  • Outlet 1¼" BSPF
  • Flow: 195 Litres per Minute
  • Head: 7.5 metres
  • Free Passage: 10mm
  • Width x Length x Height: 177mm x 203mm x 148mm
  • Weight: 6.1kg
  • On level: 251mm
  • Off level:81mm
  • Available in 240v 

Users of 230 volt have the option of selecting from the two versions: the DOMESTIC is suppled with a hose tail and a hose clip (for fitting to flexible discharge hose) and a 3 pin plug fitted with a 5 amp fuse. The INDUSTRIAL is supplied with a female BSP outlet (for fitting rigid wast pipe) but without a plug. All 110 volt OM3 pumps are supplied as INDUSTRIAL 



Suction and Delivery hoses available:

6m x 32mm Suction and Delivery Hose £29.75  + VAT
10m x 32mm Suction and Delivery Hose £38.25 + VAT
15m x 32mm Suction and Delivery Hose £47.00 + VAT
20m x 32mm Suction and Delivery Hose £55.50 + VAT
30m x 32mm Suction and Delivery Hose £68.50 + VAT






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