OUR PRICE £80.00 each (excluding VAT)
£ 96.00 (including 20.00% VAT)

The DC4000 is a high performance floorlight designed to be used in the most challenging environments. Its robust body and impact resistant lens can withstand the rigours of busy construction sites. It comes with a single power take off point allowing you to string multiple lights together from one transformer. Constructed with rubber cable on either end, a quality Defender plug and coupler mean that this light is ready to work in the real world.

  • Samsung LEDs deliver a crisp white light
  • The diffused lens reduces glare without reducing light output
  • Sturdy steel tripod leg provide stability
  • Single power take off so you can link to other lights, fitted with 16A coupler
  • Sturdy impact resistant body and lens means this light can handle whatever life throws at it
  • Supplied with 3m rubber cable and fitted with 16A plug


  • Lumens - 4,000lm
  • Power - 42W
  • Light Spread 120
  • IP Rating - IP44
  • Colour Temp - 6000K
  • Drop tested 3M
  • Only 3.9Kg DL and 4.1Kg D
  • 110v


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