TT Pumps T400F Trencher 50mm Autofloat Submersible DeWater Pump 230v

OUR PRICE £230.00 each (excluding VAT)
£ 276.00 (including 20.00% VAT)

 The Trencher Range of submersible 50mm drainage pumps are compact, light and powerful and are suitable for ground water and water containing sand and silt. The Submersible Pump has a cast iron casing with a high abrasive resistance resin vortex impeller.

With a double mechanical seal and has included a designed agitator; the T400 Trencher 50mm Submersible Pump is ideal for:Small water features, Cellars and basement, Nuisance water, Quarries and Mining, Emergencies, Dewatering.

  • Outlet:50mm
  • Head: 11m
  • Flow 225 litres per minute
  • Free Passage: 7mm
  • Weight:13kg:

 Blue Layflat Hoses available for the pump: 

  6m of Blue Layflat Hose £ 25.50 + VAT
10m of Blue Layflat Hose £ 31.50 + VAT
15m of Blue Layflat Hose £ 42.50 + VAT
30m of Blue Layflat Hose £ 53.25 + VAT
50m of Blue Layflat Hose £ 85.00 + VAT

Compare with the Tsurumi HS2-4 50mm Site Drainage Submersible Pump








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