Belle Roller Striker Hydraulic Drive Kit

OUR PRICE £2000.00 each (excluding VAT)
£ 2,400.00 (including 20.00% VAT)

The Roller Striker strikes off and finishes concrete slabs quickly and easily. A spinning tube pulls up the surcharge of concrete as it goes. The spinning roller action leaves aggregate near the surface resulting in a very strong floor, ready for power trowelling if required.

The Roller Striker is simple and very rapid operation - just pull a spinning tube along form work. It is quick and easy to set up by connecting two pull handles and a hose to the power source. The Roller Striker is virtually self-cleaning with the tube requiring just a light hosing down. It is highly manoeuvrable making it easy to strike off suspended floor, slopes and very large areas. 

  • Drive Power: 3hp – 2.2kW 
  • Maximum Drive Speed: 500 rpm
  • Pressure Required:140bar 
  • Flow Required: 30ltr per minute 
  • Weight:20kg

Hydraulic Power Pack to be used with the Belle Striker Hydraulic kit; 
Major 30-140 Hydraulic Power Pack £ 2,201.50 +VAT
Tube for the Belle Striker Hydraulic Kit:
Bunyan Drive to Belle Tube Adaptor Kit £145.45   + VAT
3.66m Tube only £ 507.85  + VAT
4.26m Tube only £ 529.75  + VAT
4.88m Tube only £ 549.95  + VAT
5.49m Tube only  £ 575.70  + VAT
6.10m Tube only £ 595.90  + VAT
6.71m Tube only £ 610.60  + VAT
7.32m Tube only    £ 633.35 + VAT
7.92m Tube only £ 652.70 + VAT










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