Lyte Ladders TRL155 5.46m Trade Roof Ladder

OUR PRICE £141.00 each (excluding VAT)
£ 169.20 (including 20.00% VAT)

          Built in the United Kingdom    

Lyte TRL155 5.46m Roof Ladder hasa built in roof hook,bearer bars & wheels on the underside of the ladder to protect any roof when preparing for work. Lyte TRL155 5.46m Roof Ladder ladders made to EN131 standards and are constructed from industrial aluminium profiles.

Lyte TRL155 5.46m Roof Ladder is lightweight but combines the strength of a trade ladder with a heavy duty ridge hook. Lyte TRL155 5.46m Roof Ladder has industrial non-slip rungs and box section stiles. The rubber covered bearer bar of the Lyte TRL155 5.46m Roof Ladder, distrubutes weight evenly preventing damage to the roof.

  • Overall length: 5.46m
  • Rungs:21
  • Weight 13.5kg
  • Conformity: Manufactured to BSEN131


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