e..GO Brick and Tile Saw 115v

A versatile e..GO Brick and Tile saw built to cut bricks, stone, concrete blocks, granite, marble and porcelain tiles. Fashions in tiling are changing, prestigious, wet rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and floors are being specified with larger size tiles or natural stone. The standard “under table” style tile saws just don't give the productivity and ease of use to complete jobs to the high standards required. It's time to step up to the e..GO 80 Brick and Tile Saw. A high power overhead saw with large capacity water tank and coolant feed system to make perfect cuts in high specification materials.

For Granite or Sandstone, Marble or Limestone, the e..GO 80 Brick and Title Saw copes with it all. When fitted with a continuous rim diamond blade it makes the smoothest cuts in ceramic tiles. It has the cut capacity to be designated as a brick saw as well so you can know you can deliver whatever materials are specified.

Professional Tile Saw for Top Quality Jobs  Turning up on site with an e..go 80 Brick and Tile Saw shows you mean business. You're a professional equipped with a tile saw to cut the highest value materials with accuracy and minimum wastage.The e..GO Brick and Tile Saw is robust construction for site durability

  • Patented water spray system for better performance and blade life
  • Can be adjusted for Ø300 or Ø350mm Blades
  • Lockable, tilting cutting head for greater precision and more rapid cutting
  • Precision and stable sliding table
  • Built in wheels that fold away for stowage
  • Optional 45° mitre block available



Power Blade Size Max  Depth Max  Length Size Sound Power HAV Level Weight
2.2kW 300mm or 350mm 110mm @ 90o   80mm @ 45o 800mm 1124 x 1270 x 640mm 79.8dB 1.15m /sec 2 68kg




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