Lyte Ladders 5 Tread Industrial Swingback Stepladder

OUR PRICE £53.72 each (excluding VAT)
£ 64.46 (including 20.00% VAT)

      Built in the United Kingdom     

The Lyte Ladders  Industrial Swing back Stepladder feature a unique strengthening beam which is incorporated into the non-slip treads.  The durable rubber feet and aluminium side arms prevent slips and twists with no tapes or flimsy arms to break. Lightweight and easy to carry, these swing back stepladders are ideal for trade use. The Industrial swingback stepladder is certified to BS2037 Class 1

 The Lyte Ladders  Industrial Swing back Stepladder is ideal for professional and light trade use and has an aluminium top instead of a plastic tool tray.

 This product is designed to be used in a more demanding and extreme industrial environment. This is a high quality products designed for heavy and frequent use.

  • Open height 1.03m
  • Closed height 1.14m
  • Tread:5
  • Weight 3.40kg 
  • Duty rating 130kg
  • Maximum permissible load 175kg 


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