Lyte Ladders 8 Tread Industrial Platform Stepladder with Tool Tray

OUR PRICE £79.00 each (excluding VAT)
£ 94.80 (including 20.00% VAT)

       Built in the United Kingdom      

The Lyte Ladders BSBP Platform Stepladder with a Tool Tray has an unique strengthening beam incorporated into non slip-treads, rubber feet and aluminium side arms prevents slips and twists as there are no tapes to snap, or flimsy arms to break. The Platform Stepladder is certified to BS2037 Class 1

The BSBP Platform Stepladder is a rigid box section back legs with additional cross braces.  The "K" straps are for increased strength and stability. The stepladder has a plastic tray to hold any tools while you are working. 

This product is designed to be used in a more demanding and extreme industrial environment.  This is a high quality product designed for heavy and frequent use. 

  • Open Height: 2.31 m 
  • Platform Height: 1.68 m 
  • Closed Height 2.55 m 
  • Weight: 8.3 kg 



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