FPR 40 /25D 400mm Diesel Reversible Plate Compactor

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        Built in the United Kingdom    

Fairport FPR40/25D 400mm Diesel Reversible Plate Compactor give contractors the high productivity and flexibility they need. Compaction with a Reversible plate can be guaranteed to a high standard without costing any more man-hours on the job. A reversible plate compactor can be used effectively and efficiently for compaction of sub-grade (soil) sub-base, MOT (hardcore) and Asphalt (Tarmac) so, on many jobs, no other compaction equipment is required.

Fairport FPR40/25D 400mm Diesel Reversible Plate Compactor is ideal and versiatile for high compaction efficiency on sand, gravel, MOT1 (hardcore) and soil. Heavyweight compaction available from FPR40/25D 400mm Diesel Reversible Pate Compactor enables fewer passes than a standard directional plate compactors. So along with the wide base plates and deeper compaction, reversible plate compactors give higher productivity.

Increased compaction force with a smooth transition between forward and reverse travel. High levels of compaction vibration is delivered from a high efficiency vibrator system. Materials for sub base and asphalt are effectively "semi fluidised" then hammered together. This extreme compaction power is easily and intuitively controlled using a precision hydraulic system. With excellent control, high output and comfortable operation the Fairport FPR40/25D 400mm Diesel Reversible Plate Compactor is popular with all operators. The FPR40/25D 400mm Diesel Reversible Plate Compactor is powered by a reliable Hazt 1820 diesel engine. 

  • Heavy duty roll-cage with lifting eye
  • Hydraulic forward and reverse mechanism
  • On-the-spot compaction
  • Reverse travel safety protection ensures machine travels forward if operator releases the handle
  • Impact resistant and open, self cleaning base-plate
  • Sealed belt cover design for protection to clutch and belt
  • Handle folds to 45° and 90° for transportation and storage



Power Centrifugal Force Plate Size Frequency  Sound Power Travel Speed HAV Level Weight
3.5hp 25kN 400 x 650 5400 vpm 108dB 22 m/min 4.2 m/sec2 158kg



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