W536 36mm Vibrating Poker with Dynapac range Coupling and 5 m Flexible Shaft

OUR PRICE £242.55 each (excluding VAT)
£ 291.06 (including 20.00% VAT)

   Fairport W536  36mm Vibrating Poker with Dynapac Coupling is high quality flexible drive shaft concrete poker. Fairport W536  36mm Vibrating  Poker with Dynapac Coupling provide reliable performance on site and a long service life for higher profits.

  • Made in Sheffield, quality you can rely on
  • Single Bearing & sealed head, protecting the precision engineering
  • Stress relieving shaft sleeves, reduced shaft wear
  • Components heat treated and hardened, minimum wear
  • Fitted with 5m flexible shafts as standard, the popular choice
  • Coupling choice, suitable for any make of poker unit



Diameter Length Amplitude Frequency  Weight c/w 5m shaft HAV Level
36mm 432mm 1.0mm 12000Hz 22kg 5 m / sec2



PDU Petrol Honda Drive Unit £404.85 + VAT
EMD Poker Drive Unit 110v £405.00 + VAT
EMD Poker Drive Unit 240v £405.00 + VAT
DDU Diesel Hatz Drive Unit £1,390.00 + VAT



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