3.2m Tensioned Aluminium Beam Assembly

 The price is for the Fairport 3.2m Tensioned Aluminium Beam Assembly only and does not include the Fairport Super Screeder Concrete Screeding Machine. 
 The popular  Fairport Super Screeder Concrete Screeding Machine can be clamped on the Fairport 3.2m  Tensioned Aluminium Beam Assembly for an accurate finish.

  •  High quality hard wearing aluminium beams
  • Self  Travelling
  • Strike off and compact bays up to 7.2m, fast working off standard concrete bays
  • Prestressed beams , no sagging better vibration transmission
  • Adjustable tension  screed beams, higher accuracy on wider concrete bays.


Beam size Suitable for Bay Width Length Height Width Weight
3.2m 3m (9') 3300mm 150mm 47mm 57 kg




Due to stock issues we are currently asking customers to call us to confirm availability.
01798 342342

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