3.2m Bunyan Tube with Errut Ends

The roller round drive Fairport 3.2m  Bunyan Tube Errut Ends is all you need from a roller striker which is perfect, precise and reliable concrete striking.

The Fairport 3.2m Bunyan Tube with Errut Ends spinnin tube pulls a surcharge of concrete forward, leaving a stronger, even distribution of aggregate compared to traditional vibrating screeds. Striking off with a roller striker can also be quicker especially with slump concrete.


Tube size Suitable for Bay Widith
3.2m 2-3m (13')


Poker Vibration should be used prior to striking. There must be 0.1m overhang on each side.Please choose the tube lengths to your bay widths.  






Due to stock issues we are currently asking customers to call us to confirm availability.
01798 343970

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