Defender LED 3000 with Swing Leg Tripod 240v

OUR PRICE £81.35 each (excluding VAT)
£ 97.62 (including 20.00% VAT)

The Defender  LED 3000  c/w Swing Leg Tripod is a low energy LED site light and has a high-tech design with an universal base attachment to suit the user choice.With a  20X Solid state energy CREE LED deliver 3000 Lumens of super bright light at just 12p a day compare with 80p for 500 halogen. Is 85% more energy efficient than a low energy LED site light.

Defender produces an advanced range of portable power distribution solutions, lighting products, for professional and domestic use. Using the latest design technology and advanced materials the result is tough, impact resistant products with improved functionality that give clear advantages over traditional equivalents. Focusing on user safety and versatility, the Defender range is constantly leading the way with innovative design features and their products are un-rivaled when it comes to protection and performance.

  • Voltage: 230v 13a BS1363  
  • Lights 20x CREE LED 
  • Cable 3m 1.0mm 2 core H05 RNF 
  • Rating IP44 
  • Temperture -20°C ~ 60°C 
  • Brightness 3000 Lumens 
  • BSEN 61000-6-3:2003



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