Proline FRE208S Dual Axis Self Levelling Laser Level

OUR PRICE £829.25 each (excluding VAT)
£ 995.10 (including 20.00% VAT)

The Proline FRE208S Dual Axis Self Levelling Laser Level has a digital setting, deviation from the horizontal plane can set digitally in the X and Y Axis. The Sensor Automatic electronic positioning motors controlled by sensors make the horizontal alignment automatically and the Laser Level has an H.I (Elevation) Alert protection.

The speed of the rotate head is between 60 and 600 rpm and all the settings of the laser level are presented on the large LC display. The Proline FRE208S Dual Axis Self  Levelling Laser Level has a robust waterproof housing. The Laser Level will automatically self  levelling in both the horizontal and vertical by step motor control and all functions can be controlled with a remote control from a distance of 70 metres. 

  • Accuracy  ±3.0mm @ 30m
  • Slope Range:±8.00% 
  • Automatic Self Levelling:5o  
  • Rotating Head Speed: 60, 120, 300 & 600 
  • Scan Angles:10o , 45o, 90o, 180o 
  • IR Remote Control: 20m 
  • Power Supply: DC4.8 o 6NiMh Batteries or Alkaline Battery Pack 
  • Working Time: 20 hours 
  • Water/ Dust Proof: IP54



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