Proline GTH10 Digital Theodolite

OUR PRICE £1013.29 each (excluding VAT)
£ 1,215.95 (including 20.00% VAT)

This Theodolite is the best Theodolite in its price range in the Country.The Proline GTH10  Theodolite has  2 LCD panels with large, easy-to-read numbers and has the cross hair and display panel illumination built-in. The Theodolite has a coaxial tangent and clamp screw and with clockwise/counterclockwise horizontal angle measurement options 

The Proline GTH10 10" Digital Theodolite has  three different ways to read vertical angles. Also the theodolite has an auto Power Off Option and an optical plummet. The Proline theodolite is water resistant, sealed construction and a removable tribrach for multiple set-ups.

The theodolite plumb bob, adjusting pin, soft brush, woolen cloth, wrench, charger, Dry battery box, operation manual, plastic carrying case come as standard.

  • Telescope Upright 
  • Image  Objective Aperture: 155mm  
  • Magnification: 30X 
  • Short Focus Distance: 1.3m 
  • Electronic Angle Measurement: 360º or 400gon 
  • Minimum Reading:  5"/10"  
  • Accuracy : 10" 
  • Display: LCD  
  • Display Pane: l2 sides 
  • Illumination Provided  
  • Optical Plumb Mag : 4x
  • Field of View  5º  
  • Focusing Range0.5m~ 
  • Level Sensitivity Plate Level: 30"/2mm   
  • Circular Level 8'/2mm   
  • Power Supply Dry Alkaline Battery AAx4 (6 hours)  
  • Chargeable on Board Battery 6v/1500mAH (16 hrs)   
  •  Weight:  4.4kg/6.8kg with case



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