Toolpak Pack (10) P80 Floor Sanding Sheets 200mm x 472mm

OUR PRICE £17.70 each (excluding VAT)
£ 21.24 (including 20.00% VAT)

P80 Sanding sheets are medium sheets and are used in light sanding and stripping of floors in average condition. First sanding of floors previously sanded in need of renovation. In progression from coarse grit abrasives 

  • World's No.1 - Manufactured in USA to exacting standards
  • High quality, full resin bond floor sanding sheets
  • Highly refined aluminium oxide grit for rapid and effective stock removal
  • Converted from the grain side-up to give a clean, neat edge
  • Cut cooler, faster and resist loading and tearing better than many lower priced European and Far East sheets
  • Unique shape and generous length enables sheets to be used on machines with either undressed or worn drums
  • Suitable for renovating, sanding and finishing of wooden floors
  • Can be used on softwood, hardwood and exotic hardwood
  • Ideal for HT 8 and Clarke EZ 8

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