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Our Master Heater Package comes with everything you need to heat a space quickly, efficiently and safely. Included with the Master indirect space heater is a length of nylon heater ducting that allows you to direct the heat from the warm air outlet to wherever it is required. A soft grid diffuser is also included that fits on to the end of the ducting to act as a vent outlet for the warm air and to prevent small animals from climbing up the ducting. Master indirect space heater ducting is unique in design compared to competitor brands as it features a handy zip connection design, which allows you to simply zip lengths of ducting together to create longer lengths of ducting. It also allows you to attach the soft grid diffuser easily on to the end of the ducting. You can choose whether to include either a 3m or 7.6m length of ducting in the heater package. This Medium Master Heater Package also comes with a ducting adaptor, which allows you to fix the ducting to the heater’s warm air outlet, the exhaust flue and a rain cowl to protect the flue from rain water. A thermostat with 10m of cable is also included, which allows you to control the output of the heater easily.

Kit includes:

    • Master BV170DV


    • 1 x 7.6m Ducting


    • 1 x Ducting Adaptor


    • 1 x Soft Grid Diffuser


    • 1 x 10m Thermostat


    • 1 x 1m Flue


  • 1 x Rain Cowl


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