Master Aerial Portable Air Scrubber 240v

The Master 240 Volt AMH100 Air Scrubber is fitted with a HEPA H14 air filter which can capture at least 99.97% of particles with a diameter greater than or equal to 0.3 Microns = 0.001mm. Its purpose is to remove particles and impurities from the air not only preventing the spread of airborne Pathogens, Bacteria and Viruses but help eliminate: Allergens, Pollen, Toxic Dusts, Smoke and Molds to name but a few aiding in the purification and sterilization of the surrounding air.

Weighing in at only 19kg the AMH100 is Portable, Robust and built for commercial use but can be used in any environment such as Offices, Onsite Cabins & Welfare Units, Marquees, Workshops, Vehicles and many other enclosed spaces. Used extensively in the Medical Field and Manufacturing Industry such as Hospitals, Laboratories and Clean Rooms where airborne particles need to be removed to help create a safer environment.

How To Calculate How Many AMH100 Air Scrubbers You Need For Your Enclosed Space:

1) Calculate the size of the room in cubic metres (m3): Length x Width X Height

Example: 70m x 9.5m x 2.4m = 1596m3

2) To calculate how long the air scrubber takes to change the air one time. To do so, divide the room’s m3 (Cubic Metre) from step 1 by the m3/h (Cubic Metre Per Hour) of one air scrubber.

Example: 1596m3 ÷ 1600m3/h = 0.99 This means that one AMH100 will purify the air every 60 minutes covering a floor area of 665m2 (based on a ceiling height of 2.4m)

If the floor area was 332m2 (based on a ceiling height of 2.4m) the AMH100 would purify the air every 30 minutes.

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