Pack (50) HT8 Floor Sander Bags + 10 Retaining Rings

Floor sander disposable paper dust bags are the most efficient, convenient, cost effective and safest method for the collection and disposal of dust created during the floor sanding process. Each disposable paper bag is made from recycled material and is the environmentally friendly way to manage wood dust. 

Each new disposable paper dust bag provides optimal dust collection allowing the floor sanders vacuum to work at its most efficient level. Collecting even the finest dust present in refinishing and screen sanding, the work site remains cleaner and safer for the user. Site clean up is significantly reduced saving time, work and money

For the contractor and professional user, disposable paper dust bags save time by reducing work in managing waste dust and site clean-up . Productivity gains provide a cost benefit, while a cleaner work site improves customer service levels.

The HT8 bag will fit most makes of drum floor sanders using a dust tube. Use  the Dust Bag Retainer Ring to fit the bag to the dust tube.



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