H65 Hydraulic Slab and Block Splitter

OUR PRICE £688.38 each (excluding VAT)
£ 826.06 (including 20.00% VAT)

      Built in the United Kingdom    

The Fairport H65 Hydraulic Block Splitter is a Heavy Duty Block Splitter that uses a 10 Ton hydraulic piston which is multiplied by levers to give over 20 Tons of cutting force, with power like this, almost all concrete products can be split easily.

  • Adjustable blade height, for all 'flat faced' products up to 235mm
  • Heavy weight construction, built to take a lot of abuse
  • Easy 'on site' transport
  • Reversible blades with 3 cutting edges
  • Large work supports, keeps the cut vertical
  • Over 20 Tons of Cutting Force

Max Cut Width Max Cut Height Length  Height Weight
650mm 235mm 730mm 1040mm 99.0kg







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