H65 Hydraulic Slab and Block Splitter

      Built in the United Kingdom    

The Fairport H65 Hydraulic Block Splitter is a Heavy Duty Block Splitter that uses a 10 Ton hydraulic piston which is multiplied by levers to give over 20 Tons of cutting force, with power like this, almost all concrete products can be split easily.

  • Adjustable blade height, for all 'flat faced' products up to 235mm
  • Heavy weight construction, built to take a lot of abuse
  • Easy 'on site' transport
  • Reversible blades with 3 cutting edges
  • Large work supports, keeps the cut vertical
  • Over 20 Tons of Cutting Force

Max Cut Width Max Cut Height Length  Height Weight
650mm 235mm 730mm 1040mm 99.0kg







Due to stock issues we are currently asking customers to call us to confirm availability.
01798 343970

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