Dosko 337 Series Full Size 13hp Stump Grinder

The Dosko 337 Series Full Size 13hp Stump Grinder is one of the fastest, easiest-to-use, portable, one-man stump grinders on the market today! 337 Series Full Size 13hp Stump Grinder ,like all Dosko stump grinders,is designed with safety in mind. The front-mounted cutter wheel provides maximum operator safety at all times.The five-position handlebar adjustment gives the operator a comfortable working position and at the same time complete control of the machine while grinding. 

The Dosko 337 Series Full Size 13hp Stump Grinder has the Leonardi Blueshark 3 in 1 tooth system.Teeth can be rotated in three 120o increments for a fresh cutting edge. Features a single tooth and bolt for a fast tooth change. The Dosko 337 Series Full Size 13hp Stump Grinder has a side discharge frame. The unique frame design removes the chippings out and away from the machine automatiindically while grinding. This means much less clean up time than required. 

  • Engine: Honda GX390
  • Cutting wheel diameter : 360mm 
  • Number of teeth:8
  • Cutting Cap above ground 600mm 
  • Cutting Cap below ground:400mm 
  • Handle posistion:6
  • Weight: 136kg 
  • Size L x H x W: 1490mm x 1300mm x770mm 


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