Belle BGA Yanmar Poker Drive Unit

Belle BGA  Mechanical Yanmar Diesel  Poker Drive Unit is  portable robust and compact drive system designed for heavy site use. The robust and durable engine protection frame for added durability.

Belle BGA  Mechanical Yanmar Diesel Poker Drive Unit is fitted with a speed limitation to prevent over revving of the engine and poker burn out. The 
Belle BGA  Mechanical Yanmar Diesel Poker Drive Unit is compact and portable which makes it easy to transport. Belle BGA  Mechanical Yanmar Diesel Poker Drive Unit is powered by the reliable 4.2hp Yanmar Diesel engine.

  • Engine: 4.2hp Yanmar Diesel engine
  • Engine speed:2800 rpm
  • Weight:38kg
  • Dimensions:430mm x 630mm x 500mm


Pokers for Drive Unit:

BGA25 25mm  Poker  
BGA35 35mm Poker  
BGA45 45mm Poker  
BGA55 55mm Poker  
BGA68 68mm Poker  



Due to stock issues we are currently asking customers to call us to confirm availability.
01798 343970

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