EuroScreed Power Unit Honda GX35

   Built in the United Kingdom    


 Euro Screed Single Beam Power Unit   - Screeding Beams sold separately. 

The Euro Screed is a time saving and easy to use concrete surface screeder for fast and simple striking off and smoothing.  Use as a traditional single beam screeder, running on form work to strike off at the correct level OR without accurate form work / screed rails required as the Euro can be for "Free Screeding". The Euro Screed can float on the concrete surface as it vibrates and consolidates and level concrete.

  • Beam (Sometimes called Blade) and power unit easily separated for transport and storage. ( Just two nuts and bolts )
  • Beam / Blades and power unit interchangeable with other makes.
  • Fully adjustable handles in height and angle for increased comfort during prolonged working times.
  • Lever throttle and convenient engine kill button for instant control.
  • Beam section shaped for productive working. Rolling a surcharge or free floating.
  • Shaped beams ends minimizes any 'tram line' effect.
  • Reliable clutch gives a smooth power take up.
  • solid vertical drive in a sealed unit puts power to the vibrator right where the action is needed.
  • Select from a choice of beam lengths to suit your job requirements.

Engine Sound Power Weight
Honda GX 50dB 12.7kg


A select from a choice of beam lengths to suit your job requirements.

1.2m Screeder Beam £102.30 + VAT
1.8m Screeder Beam £163.65 + VAT
2.4m Screeder Beam £218.20 + VAT
3.0m Screeder Beam £293.20 + VAT
3.6m Screeder Beam £340.90 + VAT
4.2m Screeder Beam £409.10 + VAT
4.8m Screeder Beam £443.20 + VAT




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