Rhino Jnr CH3 Ceramic Heater 110V

OUR PRICE £79.95 each (excluding VAT)
£ 95.94 (including 20.00% VAT)

Rhino CH3 Ceramic Heater is a tough, steel cased ceramic personnel heater designed to provide instant warmth everywhere from a office to a production line. Rhino CH3 Ceramic Heater is the ideal solution for temporary heating in areas where permanent heating is impractical. Rhino CH3 Ceramic Heater is great for short bursts of heat, totally safe.

Rhino CH3 Ceramic Heater is free from any harmful emissions and cheaper to run than portable gas heaters. Rhino CH3 Ceramic Heater has instant heat when required radiant heat. Rhino CH3 Ceramic Heater heats people and objects not just the air. Rhino CH3 Ceramic Heater is non intrusive and has no glow from emitters. 

  • 2 x 1400 watt ceramic elements
  • Individually switched with LED power on displays 
  • Hard wearing powder coated finish
  • Sturdy handle and stand 3 metres rubber cable
  • fitted with a 32Amp plug

Please Note - it is not advisable to use 110V heaters such as this model on a normal transformer. For best results use a  vented transformer.


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