Belle Minitile 230 Tile Saw 110v

OUR PRICE £450.00 each (excluding VAT)
£ 540.00 (including 20.00% VAT)

Belle  Minitile 230 Tile Saw is an ideal for interior tiling, fast, accurate and dust free. Belle  Minitile 230 Tilecutter has a table tilt to allow 45 0 cutting. Belle  Minitile 230 Tile Saw has high specification engineering ensure these machines are ideal for the professional users. Belle  Minitile 230 Tilecutter is supplied with a good quality 230 mm diamond blade .The tilecutter has a high power quiet running heavy duty induction motor.

Belle Minitile 230 Tile Saw has a tilting table was makes it ideal for bevel cutting, mitre cutting and a sliding mitre tool for cutting tiles corner to corner.The Slide fence for making identical repeat cuts and it is fast, accurate and dust free.

  • Motor Power 1200 watts
  • Blade Size 230mm 
  • Maximum Depth of Cut: 40mm
  • Length of cut: Unlimited 
  • Tank Capacity: 2ltr 
  • Width: 585mm
  • Height:  333mm
  • Length: 560mm
  • Weight: 30kg



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