Rhino TQ3 Heater 240v

 Rhino TQ3 Heater is a superbly designed, highly efficient thermo-quartz heater that is ideal in any application. Rhino TQ3 Heater has instant heat at the flick of a switch. Rhino TQ3 Heater heats up objects not the atmosphere.

Rhino TQ3 Heater has twin 1400w infrared elements. Rhino TQ3 Heater has two settings. Rhino TQ3 Heater has wheels for total portability, which makes the heater ideal for temporary heating or drying any paintwork or plaster.

  • Instant heat at the flick of a switch
  • Heats objects not atmosphere 
  • Twin 1400w infra red elements 
  • 2 heat settings  
  • Wheeled for total portability
  • Ideal for temporary heating and for drying paintwork, plaster etc.


Due to stock issues we are currently asking customers to call us to confirm availability.
01798 343970

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